Building a Brain: An Introduction to Narrative Complexity,
a language & internal dialogue-based theory
of human consciousness

The Seeds of Science • April 2022

Narrative Complexity: A Consciousness Hypothesis
Series of 5 Essays • Amended & Revised - August 2021

R • Sal • Theory
The Brain Through The Lens Of Narrative Complexity • Blog ~ Fall 2015

Adam Lanza Was a Psychopath • Fall 2013

The Need For Novelty or Why Is Stuff Funny?
An Addendum to Narrative Complexity • Summer 2013

Last Doctor Standing
The Quixotic Saga of a Real Small-Town Doc • Summer 2012

Future Paths Unfollowed: The Poetry of
Joseph Ceravolo & Laurence Lieberman

Tottenville Review • Spring 2012

Story Theory: Confessions of a Literary Darwinist
Tottenville Review • Summer 2011

A Literary Intervention: Sending Poetry to Rehab or
How Bugs Bunny Can Save Poetry

Tottenville Review • Spring 2010

from "Story Theory: Confessions of a Literary Darwinist"
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